Transitioning into a sustainable future requires us to re/THINK what fashion is and can become. By operating in a ‘third’ space we are bridging the gap between designers, businesses and research.

Co-creative design solutions


We specifically design all of our projects for each client offering the most sustainable apparel product or service possible. re/DEFINING the way products are constructed.

Tailored user experiences & product design


A new systems thinking is necessary if we want to re/FRAME current business models. These come in the form of circular materials, strategic frameworks and communication strategies. We work collaboratively to align the fashion industry with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs).

Business as usual is no longer an option.



We use the 17 Goals as a Design and Business Framework, that allows students, companies and researchers to align their products into bigger goals.

We offer:

  • Key note speeches
  • Workshops for Students and Companies
  • Product Development