Our end goal is to transform the way we design, produce and consume from being less harmful to being regenerative across the value chain.

Using the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals as our guiding principles we assure a comprehensive approach to our work, where the environmental and social dimensions are taken into account.

Our Projects

We work to align our projects with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our unique specifically tailored project-based approach provides measurable solutions for each of them.

As the industry is changing education is vital, experienced professionals and the new generation alike require new knowledge and skills to compete.

We have developed a 3-step methodology where fundamental concepts like circular fashion, fiber innovation and business transparency are mapped and applied in the current business.

Some of the main sustainable concepts we cover are:

  • Sustainable fibers and raw materials
  • Product development, textile chain and business strategy
  • Circular fashion
  • Production & end-of-life impacts
  • Code of Ethics and Conduct

Industry Engagements

Participation in Events, Exhibitions and Keynotes.
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