Project type: Master Degree Research Project Overview: Sustainable fashion is not just about solving the unsustainable fashion industry, it is also about using fashion as a solution to other environmental issues. The environmental concern that is focused on in this project, is that of the deterioration of the oceans, specifically microplastic pollution. It is quickly … Continue reading Okeanos

Future Fashion Fibre

THE ISSUE “We are all interconnected, people, animals, our environment. When nature suffers, we suffer and when nature flourishes, we all flourish.” Dr. Jane Goodall   Future Fashion Fibre wants to trigger a change within our current textile production system, which is often unsustainable in terms of social standards, animal welfare and the environment. In … Continue reading Future Fashion Fibre

Sustainable Leather Futures

Sustainable Leather Futures is a practical-research project focuses on supporting brands with the transition to a more sustainable and circular fashion industry within the leather and alternative materials context. Considering the holistic approach throughout the whole supply chain, the project shows that when applying sustainability, the product design phase is the most significant stage to … Continue reading Sustainable Leather Futures

Denim Footprint

Everyone should be able to afford sustainable clothes. Generic yet Individual, Jeans can be found in closets worldwide. This omnipresence made it the optimal garment to bring change to the current fashion system. With this purpose, came several questions: How to make sustainable denim available and affordable? How to democratize sustainable fashion? Eager to find … Continue reading Denim Footprint