We are an international agency focused on integrating sustainability in fashion, beginning with design.

Through strategic advisory for companies and masterclasses for industry professionals and students, our mission is to enact long lasting change in fashion by aligning our work with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Our end goal is to transform the way we produce and consume from being less harmful to being regenerative across the value chain.

We have showcased in main fashion events such as: Copenhagen Youth Fashion Summit, Berlin Fashion Week and Munich Fabric Start.

Our expertise ranges from sustainable agriculture and fibre production, material innovation, supply chain evaluation, and circular product and business concept development.

In 2018 we signed a voluntary commitment with the United Nation’s Partnership for the SDGs. Our commitment ‘SDGs for Better Fashion’ aims to engage with brands, students and consumers providing knowledge about the impacts of the fashion industry to people and planet.

To check our commitment visit: SDG Partnership Platform #SDGAction28041