Project type: Sustainability Assessment

Client: Fair Bazaar

Year: 2019

The Portuguese online marketplace Fair Bazaar, is grounded in carrying sustainable values along their wide range of products, and promoting conscious and mindful consumption.

In 2019, the company initiated their journey to become a certified B Corporation, and REGENERATE assisted them on this endeavor that will promote positive impact, accountability and transparency.

Source: Fair Bazaar | www.thefairbazaar.com

The initial approach was to focus on suppliers, by reviewing Fair Bazaar’s current sustainability values and defining a comprehensive partner Code of Conduct.


▰ Providing updates for Fair Bazaar’s sustainability criteria to ensure impact can be measured against the 8 categories: Artisan, Eco-Friendly, Fair Trade, Organic, Recycling, Small Scale, Vegan and Zero Waste.

▰ Revision of the partner selection process, to ensure that all Fair Bazaar’s brand-partners, suppliers and products fulfill top sustainable criteria.

▰ Definition of a partner Code of Conduct that clearly outlines the sustainability values overseen by Fair Bazaar, and that will strengthen the relationship with suppliers and stakeholders.

Source: Fair Bazaar Criteria | www.thefairbazaar.com

In addition, REGENERATE provided follow-up assistance to facilitate Fair Bazaar’s dialogue with different suppliers, thus easing the B Corporation certification process.