Collaboration Partners: Skunkfunk / d’LANA / Jean Vier

Project type: Capsule Collection / Proof of Concept

Fashion Taking Place. Fashion Taking Root.


Folio Verso is a men’s global lifestyle brand with a commitment towards positive place-based fashion. Folio Verso’s pilot project took place in the Basque Country nestled in between Spain and France. The capsule collection entitled From Sea to Summit acts as a proof of concept for carbon negative fiber systems; utilizing local sheep breeds and organic flax. The resultant wool and linen garments are representative of bioregional and regenerative production methods. The materials are intended to be biologically cycled within the region and add to soil fertility thus continuing and closing the rejuvenating fiber circle. Aside from its beneficial design principles, the collection can be described as both aesthetically and functionally tailored.

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The workwear inspired silhouettes incorporate historically relevant and functional details, from its woven Basque stripes to its multipurpose pockets. Although the products are designed with place in mind, making the products uniquely Basque – the marketing and business strategy remains globally oriented. Folio Verso’s clothing can be described as globally minded and regionally rooted.


Folio Verso believes that the power of place can be harnessed and used to create bioregional circular fashion hubs.

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Buzz Words

  • Bioregional Circularity
  • Industrial Symbiosis
  • Regenerative Agriculture
  • Carbon Negative Production
  • Positive Materials
  • Restorative Business