Project type: Master Degree Research Project

Overview: Sustainable fashion is not just about solving the unsustainable fashion industry, it is also about using fashion as a solution to other environmental issues. The environmental concern that is focused on in this project, is that of the deterioration of the oceans, specifically microplastic pollution. It is quickly becoming a human health risk as the plastic enters the food chain and water supplies. The fashion industry is a large contributor to the environmental problems facing the oceans. The increase in synthetic-based textiles and the laundering of these textiles has become one of the largest sources of primary microplastics. Since the fashion and textiles industry is a significant contributor to the microplastics in the ocean, it should be a part of the solution.

26.9.17 print 2Designers have great potential to deliver fresh perspectives and solve the sustainability issues facing the industry. A core focus of this project, is how design can be used to provide practical solutions to the current ocean crisis by introducing innovative fashion and textile practices. One solution to rethinking and redesigning products could be to change the way people perceive ownership. The vision of this project is to develop a business that is based on the circular economy and encourages a discussion around the topic of microplastic pollution and the responsibility that the fashion and textile industry has to address it. The project will explore how integrating fashion brands and environmentalists into one community can begin to nd a solution to microplastic pollution from synthetic fabrics. Through the investigation of circular business models and communication strategies it will find the most effective way to educate consumers and brands about how to prevent the release of microplastics.