Collaboration Partner: Manufactum

Strategy: Circular & Positive Regeneration

Mission:To create a material that contains nutrients for the soil.


The quest to make the perfect jacket to satisfy the needs of the modern gentleman lead to a series of material questions. After realizing just how toxic outerwear treatments can be, an idea occurred: Is it possible to change the design perspective? If one is to design with biodegradability in mind, why not take it a step further? The result is a salubrious (healthy) material that is designed with soil health as its core goal. The material would consist of a blend of organic base fibers that are manufactured to incorporate essential minerals. The fabric  would only release positive particles for both the user and the environment throughout its life. These particles are embedded into the fibers through the growing, spinning and dyeing processes. Consequently the user’s impact would also be changed into a positive footprint. After solving the material question it was time to focus on the jacket once again. Inspiration came from a French chore coat, a Swedish military motorcycle jacket and a classic men’s double breasted sport coat. The end product is an asymmetrical coat that can be worn in a number of ways – satisfying the needs of the user throughout their active day. The jacket is designed to be used with the help of an app. The app is used for gathering data –  meant to improve the garment over time. It would also send reminders of upcoming workshops and ways of caring for the garment – much like reminders to change the oil in your car.


SDGs Targets:

  • 2) End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture.
    • This project addresses this goal by focusing on soil health, a crucial aspect of sustainable agriculture. Creating a nutrient dense biodegradable textile ensures that future food crops receive the necessary micro and macro nutrients needed to feed growing populations.
  • 12) Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.
    • This project addresses this goal by focusing on the link between garment and owner. The app assists in nurturing this relationship by keeping the user up to date with maintenance workshops and tips for using the garments.
  • 13) Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.
    • This project addresses this goal by focusing on the product’s use/disposal phase. Extending the amount of time a garment is used and cared decreases the amount of products that must be purchased in that time period. Once the product has reached the disposal phase the garment can be safely discarded and converted into beneficial soil; contributing to carbon drawdown.

*For more information visit: Manufactum Cradle-to-Cradle Jacket