Denim Footprint

Everyone should be able to afford sustainable clothes.


Generic yet Individual, Jeans can be found in closets worldwide. This omnipresence made it the optimal garment to bring change to the current fashion system. With this purpose, came several questions: How to make sustainable denim available and affordable? How to democratize sustainable fashion?
Eager to find answers, this project was created to provide denim brands and manufacturers with solutions to enable a shift towards sustainable production.
Denim Footprint, created an Optimized Step by Step Guideline, where the ecological and social impacts were studied to provide Design Strategies, Production Supply Chain alternatives, User Phase recommendations and End-Beginning of Life choices for denim products. The guideline created different Key Performance Indicators separated in 3 modules: Environment, Social Responsibility/Working Conditions and Circularity. These indicators were used to measure and compare the resources used by each alternative: For example, between organic or recycled fiber, natural or synthetic dye, finishing technologies or shifting to a circular production model.

PRINTED GUIDELINEFollowing the Denim Footprint guideline, a denim capsule collection was developed using different pathways: Design for Longevity, for Circularity, for Repair and for Resource Saving.
Denim Footprint goal is to stimulate the denim industry to improve by pointing out how each part has the power to create a positive impact, and make sustainable denim accessible and available to all.


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