$120.00 + tax

Set of 50 cards + intro call to help you build a sustainable and circular fashion product from Design to Business models.


Set of 50 Cards that will enable you to brainstorm practical solutions, make decisions, and build a sustainable and circular value chain for your fashion business and products.

It will help you identify your sustainability values through the UN SDGs. You will also learn sustainable design strategies for fashion products, sustainable textiles and material choices, and a set of innovative business models and services to transform your business.

Cards’ content:

  • United Nations SDGs
  • Sustainable fashion design strategies
  • Sustainable textile materials
  • Innovative business models and services
  • Textile industry value chain

This product includes a 30 min call with our team to give you the basic instruction on how to use the cards, explain the goals and help you use them on your daily professional activities.